Expert Testimony

Business Valuation TestimonyCorporate Valuations brings both credibility and impartiality to situations in which a company’s value is in dispute. The CVI team of accredited appraisers have over 30 years experience in providing expert analysis for tax issues, marital dissolution, shareholder or partner disputes, lost profits or damages, and disputes pertaining to intangible assets. Our firm’s strong reputation for accurate and objective valuations has helped us to become well respected in the legal community. CVI’s appraisers have a strong working knowledge of the applicable legal framework and valuation standards for various cases of business asset dispute.

Each member of the CVI team has undergone rigorous testimonial training, and through experience has developed the skills necessary to provide a jury or arbitrator with an accurate and understandable conclusion of value. CVI’s appraisers provide expert testimony throughout the United States in U.S. Tax Court, U.S. District Court, state courts, arbitration hearings, and administrative bodies.

We have a proven track record of success in providing expert testimony and, in many litigated situations, CVI’s appraisals have lead to settlements without requiring our clients to undergo the exhausting and costly court trials.