Management Planning and Consulting

consultCorporate Valuations brings our experience and expertise to the table in order to provide our clients with an informed perspective that is both impartial and independent. With today’s heightened sensitivity to potential conflicts-of-interest between directors, trustees, shareholders and management; the importance of having an independent and well-respected company provide advice cannot be overemphasized.

Whether starting a new company, re-capitalizing an existing one, making a purchase, forming an Employee Stock Options Plan (ESOP) or an Employee Stock Options Trust (ESOT), doing succession planning, or selling out; CVI’s experts help to ensure a smooth transaction. Our professionals have advised business owners, CEOs, CFOs, brokers, attorneys, accountants, and trustees about the effect that transactions like those listed above have on valuation. Involving a valuation consultant helps to avoid costly mistakes and provides the parties with information necessary for making an informed decision.

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